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Hydro-Matic Pillar with Quick-Click Latch

Roland is proud to introduce the Hydro-Matic Rolling Roof Support Pillar with a Quick-Click Latch to its RolaLoad Curtainside Trailer Line.  The newly designed and patent pending roof support post is equipped with a Hydro-Matic safety release mechanism which decreases the opening velocities with smooth and deliberate movement to enhance the safety of the operator.

This aluminum extruded pillar is designed with a sturdy construction to diminish the abusive forklift environment of loading and unloading.  While sturdy in design, the pillar profile is streamlined to allow for maximum interior load width between the pillars and is custom built to the height requirement of the unit.

Roland has integrated the strength of the roof support pillar with a bind-free joint which allows the pillar to be maneuvered at any angle (forward, backward, outward or inward).  This portability allows the pillar to be out of the way during cargo maneuvering and is capable of rolling the full lateral length of the unit via Roland’s advanced upper roller mechanism equipped with UHMW rollers with stainless steel sealed bearings captured in an independent cavity of the upper roof rail.

Roland’s Hydro-Matic Rolling Roof Support Pillar is equipped with an upper locator and lower receiver at their respective home locations which are evenly spaced from front to rear and are required to be in place while the unit is in transit.  Each pillar is evenly spaced from front to rear of the unit and allow up to 16’ of unobstructed clear span.

Roland’s safety-minded focus with regards to operators, drivers and motorist inspired the Quick-Click Latch that is equipped on each of the Hydro-Matic Rolling Roof Support Pillars.  This feature allows the operator to close the pillar with minimal effort and the Quick-Click Latch retains the pillar in a locked position without any effort by the operator.  This lock retains the pillar in its closed position until the Quick-Click Latch is released with the ease of lifting a finger.


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